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We are very grateful for everyone how has put their trust in us and we strive for not only satisfied  clients, but a truly safer and more prepared community.  All of the testimonials you will see below are off of our Facebook Review Page, Yelp, or Google Review.  
  1. Absolutely loved the training! It made sense and wasn't complicated to remember. It doesn't require any prerequisite knowledge of self-defense techniques; anyone can do this. I certainly feel that I have some easy to remember options for a bad situation that I did not previously have. The training addressed a variety of different possible scenarios.
    Dawn R.
  2. Thank you so much for your support of Greater Tehachapi Crime Watch!
    Tehachapi Crime Watch
  3. It was a great class! We had fun, but learned a lot of valuable tools for what to do in scary situations. I liked that we actually did the moves and got to hit things and not just pretended. I would recommend this class to everyone. We all need to know how to defend ourselves!
    Sarah R.
  4. Finnegan Security Solutions teaches easy to use defense techniques that anyone could use at any age and in any condition! Ryan is very knowledgeable, patient, and an excellent instructor. I highly recommend this company!
    Crystal B.
  5. Finnegan Security Solutions is a must go to! I recommend everyone taking a self defense class and especially this one. He teaches Blauer tactics which make it easy to learn while being effective. It prepares you for the unexpected. Ryan has an extensive back ground in self defense and cares about his community.
    Jessica M.
  6. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ryan for many years now, and I have to say there is no one more sincere and caring than this man. After taking his self-defense class, I witnessed his passion for his craft and quickly learned how to protect myself and my family. He answered all my questions and had the patience to help me feel confident... I still remember them all years later. I highly recommend Finnegan Security Solutions
    Julie Z.
  7. The service Ryan provides with Finnegan Security Solutions is primarily focused on conflict resolution. Not only resolving conflict around you, but within you. His extensive knowledge of FEAR Management and Defensive Tactics is paramount. I am incredibly proud not only of his coaching ability, but his embodiment of the skills he teaches. I know few people who are as humble, professional, and caring, as RT.
    Devon E.
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