Self-Defense Training

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Self-Defense Training

Whether for team building or lifesaving, our Self-Defense training will make an impact on your organization. By learning the Blauer Tactical Systems Personal Defense Readiness™ course, it will not only increase personal, and group safety, but will build moral, camaraderie and boost self-confidence within the staff.
If you are in a profession that is higher prone to workplace violence, possessing the skills to detect a situation prior to it happening, defusing the situation through non-violent postures and choice speech and defending yourself if there are no other options is paramount to your livelihood.    
Our self-defense training is not just moves.  It takes a holistic approach to understanding your body, how it operates, fear and understanding scenarios.  We firmly believe the best self-defense move you can learn is to avoid a physical confrontation. However, we make sure you are ready…just in case.
We increase self-confidence and self-confidence boosts results, both in and out of the organization. Are you ready for a boost? 

Don’t hesitate, reach out and contact us today to learn how we can increase your teams performance.
"It was a great class! We had fun, but learned a lot of valuable tools for what to do in scary situations. I liked that we actually did the moves and got to hit things and not just pretended. I would recommend this class to everyone. We all need to know how to defend ourselves!"     Sarah Randal, 5 Star Review on Facebook

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