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Whether home or business, church group or group of friends, allow the experts at Finnegan Security Solutions to assist you in your security, training, safety and preparedness needs.

Specializing in self-defense, residential security hardening and vulnerability reduction, business and community safety and preparedness, and active shooter/mass violence training, we will analyze your needs and weaknesses, and provide you with an effective and actionable solution that you can execute. After all, if it doesn't work why have it?   

Allow us to custom design a product that will increase your level of safety, security and preparedness. 
When danger strikes, it doesn’t slow down because you aren’t ready.

Now is the time!

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  1. Additional Services
    Below are additional services and presentations offered by FSS. All presentations are custom designed to fit your needs. To learn more or schedule a presentation contact Ryan in the Contact Us link or call (619) 729-1513.
  2. Security Presentations
    FSS offers a variety of dynamic and custom presentations to fit your concerns or desires. Ryan has presented a variety of presentations to include holiday shopping safety, awareness, active shooter, understanding the body and stress, fear management and dealing with potentially distraught personnel.
  3. Fear Management
    "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it..."- Nelson Mandela Presentations based on the Blauer Tactical Systems Cycle of Behavior, numerous studies on fear, the human body and the power of visualization.
  4. Team/Athlete Presentations
    As a McDonalds All-American Basketball Game nominee, and a High Potential Blue Chip" Basketball Camp All-Star, Ryan is fully aware of the challenges athletes face to get to the next level. Take your team, or athlete, to the next level of performance by helping them understand fear and the power of positive visualization drills.
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