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As a leader there are a lot of complex decisions that you are required to make daily in order to succeed. One of the easiest to overlook is your safety and preparedness training.

Having a plan in place is important but ensuring it can be executed is vital to giving your staff and customers the greatest chance at going home safely. You don't pick when danger will strike, you can only prepare and respond to it.  Lives depend on it.
At Finnegan Security Solutions we custom design packages to your situation. With over 20 years of military and security experience, we understand that complex plans are difficult to execute. This is dangerous, which is the one thing we are looking to mitigate.  
We understand what it takes to protect people, assets and information from harm. Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, organization (church, non-profit, social group) or school, we have the custom solutions to meet your needs.
Not sure what you need, but you know you need something? Contact us to see how we can help make you safer and more prepared!    
When danger strikes, it doesn’t slow down because you aren’t ready.

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